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02/12/2015 International Hardware Fair 2016
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Made In Britain

We take pride in manufacturing in the UK. This is why we still have our factory in Sheffield, not just a warehouse. Footprint owns and operates drop stamp forges, furnaces and many other machines in the manufacture of our high quality hand tools. We have built up skills, knowledge and experience in manufacturing hand tools that is very hard to replicate.

At Footprint people have often asked us why we continue to manufacture in the UK when we could have our products made cheaply abroad like most hand tool brands have done. "You're crazy" or "No business sense in that" has been heard before.

When we speak to our customers they on the other hand see it makes perfect sense to continue manufacturing in the UK and Sheffield. The Made in Britain and the Made in Sheffield marks are recognised around the world for quality and reliability. If a non-UK customers sees a Made in Britain mark they will instantly recognise the product to be of higher quality than competing imported products from the Far East.

We at Footprint feel we have been handed two fantastic legacies. One of knowledge of how to consistently manufacture and develop great hand tools. Second we have been handed one of the greatest brands ever created, Made in Britain. 

We hope you appreciate fine craftsanship and quality as much we we enjoy manufacturing our hand tools.

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